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Geoffrey Burleson releases first CD: “Roy Harris: Complete Piano Music”

March 8, 2011

According to his own accounts, Roy Harris was born in a log cabin in the Oklahoma panhandle in 1898.  He went on to study composition with Nadia Boulanger in Paris, and become one of the most important American symphonists of the 20th century.  His Symphony No. 3 brought him worldwide fame, and has been performed and recorded by the New York Philharmonic under Bernstein, the Berlin Philharmonic under Karajan, and numerous other prominent orchestras and conductors.  He also wrote a significant body of piano music, including his dynamic, virtuosic and highly distinctive Piano Sonata, Piano Suite and Toccata.  His wide-ranging stylistic ingredients include Medieval chant, Baroque counterpoint, 20th century French music, jazz, American folk music, and dramatic polytonal sonorities.   Harris also taught composition to many important American composers of subsequent generations, including William Schuman and Peter Schickele (a.k.a. PDQ Bach).

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