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David Bernard (MM, 1988 Orchestral Conducting) Leads Park Avenue Chamber Symphony in The Rite of Spring

March 27, 2015 Comments off

DSC04167In February, David Bernard (MM, 1988 Orchestral Conducting), led the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony in a performance of The Rite of Spring at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater.  In its review of the performance, Lucid Culture exclaimed “Anyone who experienced Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring for the first time in this performance is spoiled for life.”


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William Floyd High School’s Night At The Symphony

October 11, 2013 Comments off

William Floyd High School orchestra students recently participated in a special orchestra class led by Michael Hershkowitz, the director of concerts and community music programs in the Department of Music at Stony Brook University. Mr. Hershkowitz’s visit, which served as a pre-concert lecture for students who attended a performance of the Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra, detailed the discussion on the cultural connection between music and literature and how music is historically connected to education.

During the class, Mr. Hershkowitz spoke about the proper structure of an orchestra concert and answered a variety of questions ranging from what it takes to be a college and professional musician, whether Stony Brook offers scholarships for orchestra students and more. Students also asked him about his highlights as a musician for which he referenced an orchestra tour through China and playing in a marching band at a professional football stadium.

Then, on Saturday, October 5, more than 50 William Floyd High School orchestra students attended the Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra’s evening performance, complete with bus transportation to and from the university provided by Stony Brook.

“There is nothing like being there for a live performance,” said William Floyd High School orchestra teacher Amy Sckipp, who attended with fellow orchestra teacher Christopher Shaughnessy and their students. “It really was a wonderfully enriching experience and I believe it inspired many of our students to know that they can continue their passion beyond high school.” William Floyd students have been invited back next month to see a performance of the world-famous violinist Midori.

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